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ISSP 2016. FK Selection

This year for the 11th time the International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) took place in Kuldīga, Latvia. 74 photographers from 25 countries mentored by international experts created new works or worked on curating the already existing photography projects. Six different workshops were led by photographers and artists from all over the word: Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof (Photography As a Starting Point), documentary photographer Paolo Woods (Tell Me a Story), artist from Buenos Aires Alejandro Chaskielberg (Documentary Experiments), photographer and teacher Federico Clavarino (The Inhabited Image), multidisciplinary photographer Jason Evans (Fantasy Cocktail) and multimedia artist from Switzerland Taiyo Onorato (There’s Treasure Everywhere).

FK presents a selection of final works from all workshops and projects, which were launched before and during the ISSP. These authors present themselves powerfully and, by showing interest in the medium of photography, which is not narrowed down only to the obvious and apparent things, they are creating interdisciplinary, experimental and multilayered works that tend to (re)discover and extend the boundaries set by the medium.