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The Hut (from ashes to dust)

The story takes place around a hut which is the symbol of a quest and intimate transformation of characters. The Hut represents hidden knowledge, a secret experience that reveals the desire to return to the roots, the basics of simple life. People indulge in purifying experiences here and initiators. The contact with the elements in particular the fire transforms the vile matters into a spiritual essence. The time of these ceremonies is also that of introspection and confrontation to a fatal condition.

The images produced then take these metamorphoses of these transformations from a quest to vision, replay here, eternal rituals mix and renew, seeking ways to reclaim a relationship with existence and nature. For this series I followed people who are looking for simplicity and trying to escape from chaos that consumption has created. They are looking for a return to spirituality and a deep link with nature, the stars…

Quentin Yvelin (1988) is a French photographer living in Rennes. He has studied photography at Paris University 8 and at EESAB in Lorient.