/ Alexandr Polyantsev / Photo story

We’re here

Modern quarantine is a time for new ideas and to realise new goals. It is also an opportunity to remember loved ones, many of whom are long forgotten, and the opportunity to take a new look at your attitude towards them.

Thanks to self-isolation and modern opportunities, I was able to visit the habitat of animals that I have never seen in person, to visit the places that I dreamed of visiting as a child, to see concerts of my favorite musical groups and to find places where people live close to me.

Visiting these new places, some of which are not deserted, makes me think that very soon I will no longer have the desire to go to Iceland or to a volcano in Mexico, go to the zoo or visit friends, while acutely aware of their presence.

Alexandr Polyantsev is a Russian photographer who has studied geodesy and cartography at the Moscow state University and photography at Docdocdoc in St. Petersburg.