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When my hard drive collapsed I lost a decade of photographs. After hard drive recovery I found my photographs corrupted and glitched; a lot of photos swapped parts thus creating accidental collages. I started to look through these images, trying to reevaluate my past and reconcile myself to the loss. This lead to a series, which mixes Ukrainian politics, my intimate and social life, revealing unexpected meanings and connections.

The book, designed by Ania Nalecka, continues what the hard drive “error” started, interlacing different photographs and themes with different size of its pages.

Igor Chekachkov (1989) is an Ukrainian photographer based in Kharkiv. His work has been published in Forbes, National Geographic, The Guardian (UK), Le Monde (France), Wirtschafts Wochesince (Germany), Forbes (Ukraine) and others. He has had numerous exhibitions and recently won the main prize at the Bialystok Interphoto festival. He has founded the Chekachkov Photo Academy, where he teaches, paying attention to both the practical and theoretical part in photography.