Andrew Miksys. From the series "Disko"
/ Andrew Miksys / Photo story


Ten years of travelling the back roads of Lithuania and photographing teenagers in village discos.

Photo by Tereza Zelenkova
/ Evita Goze / Portfolio

Tereza Zelenkova

Time, nostalgia and melancholy are prevalent in Czech-born artist’s work.

Sara Bjarland. From the series The Forsaken, 2011-12
/ Eva Saukāne / Portfolio

Sara Bjarland

Finnish artist observes dying insects and plants. Her work will be seen in Riga Photo Month 2014.

Arianna Sanesi. From the series "Dispersal"
/ Arianna Sanesi / Photo story


Italian photographer tells a story about wolves, mystery, freedom and nature.

Scott Alario. From the series "What We Conjure"
/ Scott Alario / Photo story

What We Conjure

American photographer creates an autobiographical story along with his partner, their four-year old and their dog.

Photo by Olya Ivanova
/ Olya Ivanova / Photo story

The Village Day

Russian photographer portrays women from Kichuga, a small village in Northern Russia.

Photo by Valerio Polici
/ Valerio Polici / Photo story

Ergo Sum

Italian photographer documents graffiti writers between Europe and Argentina.

Margo Ovcharenko. From the series "Hermitage"
/ Margo Ovcharenko / Photo story


Russian photographer deals with gender roles, beauty standards, intimacy and hidden despair in contemporary Russia.

Albert Elm. Summer night. Copenhagen, 2012
/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Albert Elm

From Glasgow to Siberia – Danish photographer seeks the extraordinary in everyday life.