Kristoffer Axén. Day Three from the series "Events in Nature", 2012
/ Elīna Ruka / Portfolio

Kristoffer Axén

Swedish photographer searches a special atmosphere with cinematographic approach.

Photo - Anna Beeke
/ Anna Beeke / Photo story


American photographer is looking for her origins and thus goes into woods.

Robert Rutöd. From the series "Right Time Right Place"
/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Robert Rutöd

Austrian photographer spots the extraordinary and absurd in the everyday life.

Scot Sothern. TJ Mex checks
/ Scot Sothern / Photo story


“I threw myself into the world of drugs and prostitution in Los Angeles.”

Olivia Arthur. Diana bathing in her Islamic swimsuit. Jeddah, 2009
/ Elīna Ruka / Portfolio

Olivia Arthur

English photographer is interested in the role and position of a woman in various cultures.

Photo by Richard Schofield
/ Richard Schofield / Photo story

Half Life

English photographer documents the social and economic decline of the Lithuanian town Visaginas.

/ Gunta Podiņa / Photo story

The Village for the Blind

The Latvian village Strazdumuiža is home to a community of over two hundred blind or partially sighted residents.