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Latvian Photography Yearbook is out

For five years FK Magazine has been publishing Latvian Photography Yearbook, which is aimed at promoting the best contemporary Latvian photography. This year’s issue compiles the works of Miks Mitrēvics & Kristīne Kursiša, Roman Korovin, Reinis Lismanis, Ilze Vanaga & Inga Erdmane and Zane Mellupe. The publication also includes interviews with the photographers, as well as an essay by Līga Lindenbauma on the relations between art and photography in Latvia.

“In this issue we focus on those artists, whose works can be viewed beyond the classical aesthetic and thematic canon of Latvian photography. It is a small step in an attempt to bring closer the disciplines of photography and art and to change the pre-existing ideas as to what contemporary Latvian photography is like,” says the editor-in-chief Arnis Balčus.

The Yearbook is released in only 500 copies and its artist is a London-based graphic designer Zigmunds Lapsa. The dusk jacket contains stickers of authors’ works, which can be applied on any surface you want. “The ‘walking’ frames of photographs presented on the book cover are a visual comment on the subject that this Yearbook is dedicated to – Latvian photography as contemporary art and its ever-changing boundaries. The structure and visuals of the book have been conceptualized around the relationships between the traditional and the contemporary, the change of context and the accidental element,” says the Yearbook’s designer Zigmunds Lapsa.

In cooperation with the foundation Mākslai vajag telpu (Art Needs Space) special tote bags with prints of photographers’ works have been created. The publication is available at the bookstores all over Latvia, as well as in our bookshop on the internet.