Juris Poišs. 1957-1983. Republika attēlos

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24×29 cm, 232 pages, 80 photographs
ISBN 978­9934­8754­8­9

Hard cover with dust jacket (two sided)
Compiled by: Toms Zariņš, Alexey Murashko
Design: – Aleksejs Muraško
Texts: Toms Zariņš, Alexey Murashko, Santa Remere, Sergei Kruk
Language: English and Latvian
Publisher: Kultkom
Edition: 500

Out – 19 September, 2023

Juris Poišs (1933–1984) was a photographer of the Latvian SSR Telegraph Agency in the 1960s, later working as a photo reporter for several newspapers. He had a flair for capturing not only public events and locations, but also people from all walks of life, gradually developing his signature style.

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