Juris Poišs & Dominiks Gedzjuns

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So far, two books have been published in the series Repubic in pictures. Here you can buy them both together for a better price – 35 EUR only.

Juris Poišs (1933–1984) was a photographer of the Latvian SSR Telegraph Agency in the 1960s, later working as a photo reporter for several newspapers. He had a flair for capturing not only public events and locations, but also people from all walks of life, gradually developing his signature style.

Dominiks Gedzjuns (1918-1998) was one of the first Latvian photojournalists after WWII. Gedzjuns’ most productive years were in the late 1950s and in the 1960s, at that time, his photographs of urban and rural landscape were featured in every photo album of Riga and Latvia. The book includes unique, so far rarely seen color images from this time period.

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