Alexey Naumchik. From the series "Y Minsk"
/ Alexey Naumchik / Photo story

Y Minsk

Belarusian photographer is constructing another image of his country, detached from the conditionality of the perception context.

Christopher Nunn. Kalush, 2013. "A Row of Bones"
/ Christopher Nunn / Photo story

A Row of Bones

British photographer documents Ukraine during rising political tensions, the peak of revolution and the descent into war.

Anka Sielska. From the series "Salix Polaris"
/ Anka Sielska / Photo story

Salix Polaris

A journey to the Polish Polar Station, Hornsund on Spitsbergen.

Maria Gruzdeva. Red Star Monument, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region. From the series “The Borders of Russia”
/ Maria Gruzdeva / Photo story

The Borders of Russia

Documentary study of the Russian border exploring the connection between the disturbance of territorial boundaries, identities and collective memory.

Alberto Lizaralde. From the book "everything will be ok"
/ Alberto Lizaralde / Photo story

everything will be ok

The chronicle of a journey that starts with an emotional collapse and ends, through a long healing walk, with the assumption that after all life is always worth the struggle.

Yusuf Sevincli. From the series "Good Dog"
/ Yusuf Sevincli / Photo story

Good Dog

Turkish photographer wanders through Istanbul, creating an intimate and nostalgic diary.

Mariela Sancari. From the series "Moisés"
/ Mariela Sancari / Photo story


A typology of portraits of men in their 70´s, the age that photographer’s father would be today if he were alive.

Virgílio Ferreira. From the series "Being and Becoming"
/ Virgílio Ferreira / Photo story

Being and Becoming

Portuguese photographer is interested in emigration and how it transforms ones identity.

Valentino Bellini. Lahore, Pakistan. A guy stands in front of a huge pile of electronic components which will later be processed to extract precious metals.
/ Valentino Bellini / Photo story


Italian photographer documents the international movements of e-waste, illegal commerce and disposal.

Mateusz Sarello, "Swell"
/ Mateusz Sarello / Photo story


A story of a break-up and of unaccepted loneliness.