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Reverie Sleep

Ukrainian duo create thrillingly surreal images by pairing landscape with altered figures.

Photo by Liailia Gimadeeva
/ Liailia Gimadeeva / Photo story


Russian photographer creates a visual diary on women’s dorms in Kazan.

Photo by Anastasiya Lazurenko
/ Anastasiya Lazurenko / Photo story

Pearly Gates

Ukrainian photographer explores the nature of femininity, female identity and sexuality.

Photo by ElementWo
/ ElementWo / Photo story


Italian photographers offer a trip to the Islamic State, without taking a step out of your home.

Photo by Igor Trepeshchenok
/ Igor Trepeshchenok / Photo story

Between Two Waters

Latvian coast town Liepāja is lost in transition between two epochs: the Soviet times and the united Europe.

Photo by Anete Skuja
/ Anete Skuja / Photo story


Latvian photographer creates a portrait of her sister using the stuff from her sister’s suitcase.

Photo by Magdalena Borowiec
/ Magdalena Borowiec / Photo story


A photo story on illegal coal mining in Kyrgyzstan by Polish photographer.

Matthew Finn. From the series "Mother"
/ Matthew Finn / Photo story


British photographer for some 27 years documents the life of his mother.

Photo by Agnese Mūrniece
/ Agnese Mūrniece / Photo story

Blizzard or Thaw

Latvian photographer has created a project that is inspired by Latvian folk-beliefs related to winter.

Giorgio Struzzi, Rome, Italy. Photo by Sasha Maslov
/ Sasha Maslov / Photo story


Ukrainian photographer is taking portraits of people who took part in the Second World War.