Photo by Jakub Stanek
/ Jakub Stanek / Photo story

The Same Love

Photo story on gay couples, which have been forming families or marriage for over a dozen of years.

Marta Berens. From the series "Suiti"
/ Marta Berens / Photo story


Polish photographer is interested in the history of the Latvian ethnographic group – Suiti – which goes back almost 400 years to a romantic love story.

Daria Prokofyeva. From the series "The Town"
/ Daria Prokofyeva / Photo story

The Town

Based on written documentations of a gulag prisoner, the project looks at individual and historical memory and its representation.

Daniels Mekšs. From the series "Underwater Trees"
/ Daniels Mekšs / Photo story

Underwater Trees

Latvian photographer tries to comprehend how growing up in the suburbs has shaped him and his peers.

Katrīna Ķepule. From the series "Sit Silently"
/ Katrīna Ķepule / Photo story

Sit Silently

Latvian photographer captures the places where “modern Europe” meets the elements of the Soviet times.

David Magnusson's "Purity" at Fotografiska in Stockholm
/ David Magnusson / Photo story


Photo story about young girls and their fathers who have participated in Purity Balls in the USA.

Danila Tkachenko. From the series "Escape"
/ Danila Tkachenko / Photo story


A story about people who have decided to live all alone in wild nature, far away from any villages, towns or other people.

Photo by Iuna Vieira
/ Mafalda Rakoš / Iuna Vieira / Photo story

3rd Generation

Photobook about the lives, opinions, and thoughts of Israeli and Palestinian youth.

Stratos Kalafatis. From the series "Athos. Colors of Faith"
/ Stratos Kalafatis / Photo story

Athos. Colors of Faith

Mt. Athos is a self-governed Greek Monastic State. The only females on the entire peninsula are cats and hens.