Aleix Plademunt. From the series "Almost There"
/ Evita Goze / Portfolio

Aleix Plademunt

The project Almost There explores time and distance by taking these notions to extreme directions.

Natasha Caruana. Miriam. From the series "The Other Woman", 2005
/ Jolanta Tursa / Portfolio

Natasha Caruana

UK based artist is interested in love, betrayal, fantasy and volatility.

Italo Morales. From the series "Overnight Generation"
/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Italo Morales

Venezuelian photographer has published a book on youth in Bosnia.

Andrejs Strokins. From the series "People in the Dunes"
/ Evita Goze / Portfolio

Andrejs Strokins

Latvian photographer’s first solo show People in the Dunes is on display at Kaunas Photo gallery until August 30.

JH Engström. From the series "From Back Home"
/ Eva Saukāne / Portfolio

JH Engström

The Swedish photographer will give a public lecture on 14 May during Riga Photomonth.

Photo by Tereza Zelenkova
/ Evita Goze / Portfolio

Tereza Zelenkova

Time, nostalgia and melancholy are prevalent in Czech-born artist’s work.

Sara Bjarland. From the series The Forsaken, 2011-12
/ Eva Saukāne / Portfolio

Sara Bjarland

Finnish artist observes dying insects and plants. Her work will be seen in Riga Photo Month 2014.

Albert Elm. Summer night. Copenhagen, 2012
/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Albert Elm

From Glasgow to Siberia – Danish photographer seeks the extraordinary in everyday life.

Silje Lovise Gjertsen. Untitled from the series "It rains..."
/ Evita Goze / Portfolio

Silje Lovise Gjertsen

Norwegian artist Silje Lovise Gjertsen in her work explores mortality by looking at the body in pain.

Merlin Nadj Torma. From the series "Here is everything as 22 stars"
/ Eva Saukāne / Portfolio

Merlin Nadj Torma

German born and raised photographer Merlin Nadj Torma focuses on the projects about the Balkan region.